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The Council was founded in 1974 and held its first formal meeting in July of that year and is now one of the largest specialty councils of the ACA.


The Council recognizes the importance of nutrition as an adjunct in the practice of chiropractic. Its primary goal is continuing education of the chiropractic physician.


The Council serves as a consultant to the profession and public, including state peer review committees, third party organizations and government bodies.

Since 1974 the Council has shown a rapid and continuing growth in membership.

The American Chiropractic Council on Nutrition (ACA Council on Nutrition) promotes research in nutrition and encourages professional consultation with members of other professions. We encourage and promote a more advanced knowledge and use of nutrition in the practice of chiropractics.

Journal Update

The latest version of our journal, "Nutritional Perspectives," is online and is posted here and are available only to our members.