The Executive Board of the Council on Nutrition

Executing the mandate of the original founders

The first Executive Board of the ACA Council on Nutrition was established in 1974, and served for two years. The founding members were:

  • President -- Dr. Warren Brown
  • Vice President -- Dr. Alan Pressman
  • Executive Secretary-Treasurer -- Dr. Carl Miller
  • Executive Director -- Dr. Russell Nelson

Our Current Executive Board

Dr. Donald Feeney


3214 Naamans Road

Wilmington, DE 19810

Tel: 302 478 3028

Fax: 302 478 3079

Dr. Robert Galloway, III

Vice President

9410 FM 1960 Road Way

Houston, TX

Tel: 281-890-4828

Fax: 281-890-7721

Dr. Delilah Renegar


225 West Hubbard Street #302

Chicago, Il 60654

Tel: 630-561-9696

Dr. Doreen Lewis-Overton

Executive Director

1006 Central Parkway

San Antonio, TX 78232

Tel: 210-490-9169

Fax: 210-545-7740

Dr. Jason Nardi

Director of Research

2203 Jordan Ave.

Juneau, AK 99801


Dr. Peggy Bolks

Director of Education

Dr. Ronald Bouffard

Director of Practice Development

18 West St.

Booth Bay Harbor, ME 04538


Dr. Mary Brown

Director of Student Affairs

San Antonio, Texas 78227

Tel: 281-975-8483

Dr. Brittany Sebby

Director Of Social Media

8706 Oakwood Drive

Crystal Lake, IL 60014


Dr. Augustus Reynolds

Director of Legislative Affairs

Dr. Kirk Manson

Director of Membership

717 Encino Place NE

Suite #24

Albuquerque, NM 87102

Tel: 505-884-0044

Dr. Donald Feeney

Director of Publications