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Sign up to be a mentor to students! The goal of the ACA Council on Nutrition is to advance the integration of clinical  nutrition into chiropractic practice. We designed this program to facilitate an  exceptional educational experience for students in a setting that provides practical  application of the studies of nutrition and chiropractic. We want students to gain useful perspectives on how to create and maintain a thriving practice in order to better the lives of their patients through chiropractic with a focus on clinical nutrition.

Eligibility: Mentors:

  • Must be members of the ACA Council on Nutrition.
  • Must currently be in practice.
  • Must be in good standing with their respective professional licensing boards.  

Program Outline:
The mentorship program provides an opportunity for a student to observe and interact with a mentor at his/her practice for 3 days consecutively or non-consecutively at the discretion of the mentor.

  • These days will be scheduled around both the mentor and mentee’s availability with the assistance of the Council on Nutrition.
  • Students may apply to the mentor-ship program by contacting us or filling out an application.
  • A helpful list of “Do’s and Don’ts” and a series of questions to better prepare both  participants for a thoroughly educational experience will be provided to the student and mentor. Each participant is encouraged to add to the list of questions to facilitate a more tailored educational experience if so desired.
  • All council members who opt-in to being a mentor will be listed as a mentor on the Council on Nutrition website.
  • An exit survey will be provided at the end of the mentorship program.

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