ACA Council on Nutrition Student Mentorship Program

A. Requirements

• Must be student members of the ACA Council on Nutrition 
• Must be students in a health profession in good academic standing or a newly graduated doctor 
• Must complete an exit survey immediately following the experience

B. Participation

a. In-Person - Shadow in-office
• Limit to 1 student per shadow day; student is a respectfully quiet observer 
• Student spends ½ day or full day during regular business operations
• If student travels out of state or >3-hour drive, may request additional shadow days
• Must follow office policies for COVID masking and any other COVID protocols
b. Virtual
• Student(s) requests a Zoom meeting when cannot travel to office but interested
• Mentor addresses the points under “Mentor Requirements” in an open discussion format
• Anticipate 45 minutes listening to Mentor bio & describe office structure, 15 for QA

C. Benefits

• Unlimited availability to program participation
• Learn how to plan for post-doctorate clinical nutrition courses and board-certifications 
• Interact and Network with clinical nutrition doctors 
• Learn how successful clinical nutrition doctors operate their business 

D. What you can expect to learn

a. Nutritional training & different programs to earn nutritional credentials
b. Labs & Testing 
c. Neutraceuticals & Supplements
d. In-office or online product dispensaries 
e. EHR & Practice Management nutrition software 
f. New Patient intake vs Review of Finding & Follow-up schedules 
g. Cash vs Insurance for nutrition
h. ICD coding for nutrition
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