ACA Council on Nutrition Student Mentorship Program

Eligibility: Mentees:

  • Must be student members of the ACA Council on Nutrition.
  • Must be students in a health profession or newly graduated doctors.  
  • Must be in good standing academically with their school.
  • Students may participate in the mentorship program as many times as they wish as long as they are currently with their student ACA Council on Nutrition membership.

Program Outline:
The mentorship program provides an opportunity for a student to observe and interact with a mentor at their practice for 3 days consecutively or non-consecutively at the discretion of the mentor.

  • These days will be scheduled around both the mentor and mentee’s availability with the assistance of the Council on Nutrition.
  • Students may apply to the mentor-ship program by contacting us or filling out an application.
  • A helpful list of “Do’s and Don’ts” and a series of questions to better prepare both  participants for a thoroughly educational experience will be provided to the student and mentor. Each participant is encouraged to add to the list of questions to facilitate a more tailored educational experience if so desired.
  • All council members who opt-in to being a mentor will be listed as a mentor on the Council on Nutrition website.
  • An exit survey will be provided at the end of the mentorship program.

Please contact the office with any questions: admin@councilonnutrition or (540) 252-4733.

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